CleverCachen – the scavenger hunt with the tablet PC or smartphone

The smartphone scavenger hunt delivers ideas company outing – And the players the story:

The ideas outing CleverCachen is usually played on foot. Can also be played by car. For some, especially in the cool season an interesting alternative. … a snapshot: The days are noticeably shorter, it drizzles lightly and the colorful leaves are dried up brown, as muddy mass on the roadside. „How lucky we are in this car!“ says Mr. Huber. CleverCachen will be played in parts by car this time. There are numerous virtual caches to collect. To collect the tablet PC, a smartphone would also go well. Again and again, the participants have to get out of the car at this ideas company excursion to solve small team tasks. CleverCachen can also be played on foot. In special cases, just such a case, are also vehicles like: car (taxi), bus, train, … added to the game. After the virtual cache is collected, it goes in our story, with the car on to the next virtual cache. „Yeah, right street, jackpot, now we can collect 5 virtual caches!“ Mr Gassner informs his colleague. And a moment later, a puzzle question is solved, 10 points collected and the next cache collected. Piece by piece, players collect the numerous cache targets, solve the tasks, and solve puzzles and play, mostly in the car, sometimes in the open air the way to the finish.