Team Event Ideas with Team Building: Event Management flexible and individual at each location!

Our products, our adventure team event ideas, are designed to be active in almost every location. Basically you can say that we organize events throughout Germany. And sometimes in other European countries. Most things can be organized well in advance from the distance and prepare. At the latest shortly before the event, our employees check the details on-site and carry out your event professionally. Whether company outing, company event, event marketing or team event, just the GPS Rallye is very well suited for the Germany – wide distributed event locations. The event management agency AREFFECT will gladly develop your event according to your specifications and ideas! We are flexible and gladly accept ideas and suggestions from customers in our event program. In total, our team has already 10 years experience in organizing and conducting adventure and fun events with team building character (teambuilding “by the way”). By teambuilding “on the side”, we understand how to experience a little adventure in a relaxed atmosphere outside the workday. In such a team event, the participants get to know each other better and the sense of community is strengthened, teambuilding. If small groups want to work on deeper problems, we recommend a team coach. As a rule, we carry out our events without team coaches. And a small hint, a group should be at least 3 people and a group is not a team yet! Some of the team from AREffekt brings additional experience from the industry, the logistics industry and also from the hotel industry. Through this combination we develop team event ideas from the unique project to the series. The desire to adventure and discover new regions together and happy customers after a GPS rally unites our team. In addition to our core area of ​​adventure events and especially the GPS rally for your corporate event, our hotel clerks are also happy to organize a rustic BBQ buffet, lunch picnic, cafe and cake … For this we usually work with local catering companies. In this way, we are able to organize a great GPS rally as teambuilding “incidentally”, adventure marketing, summer party, … for your managers and customers all over Germany!