Discover with the Smartphone Rallye – CleverCachen – Brussels in Belgium

Brüssel Belgien CleverCachen

Zahlreiche Gemälde, finden sich in der Hauptstadt des Comic – Brüssel.

Stadtplan Brüssel CleverCachen

CleverCachen durch Brüssel: Zahlreiche virtuelle Caches

A team meeting in Belgium. Brussels. A great way to meet the colleagues, very relaxed, during an interesting city tour. Besides the colleagues, the participants in the team event also get to know Brussels. More precisely, the participants of the team event discover the city center of Brussels. In the city center we have designed many virtual caches by AREffekt. Each virtual cache contains a guessing puzzle or interesting pointers to nearby attractions. The caches are collected during CleverCachen with the help of a smartphone, a temporary Internet connection and GPS. Attractions such as the landmark Manneken Pis or Jeanneke Pis or the numerous comic – paintings that are everywhere in the city are called. Also fries, chocolate and beer are part of the tour. CleverCachen the Smartphone Rallye is a great, flexible and varied team event and runs in Brussels, Cologne, Paris, Rome, Palma, … almost every place – on earth.


CleverCachen in Belgien Brüssel Rathaus

Das Rathaus von Brüssel in Belgien – CleverCachen

Comic Gemälde Brüssel

Zahlreiche Comic Gemälde zieren das Zentrum von Brüssel.