Team Event Ideas – archery, ax throwing and many team building ideas at Geocaching Adventure

Team events and teambuilding make history – with a story:

… “Who always has these great ideas with us?” Asks Ms. Müller, the Team Event colleagues from Team Red, as she makes her way cautiously through the thicket. Team Red is one of several teams that run in different ways, make decisions, have fun and always experience exciting game stations. “Ms. Müller, it’s been ages since I had such fun, thanks to such ideas!” Says Mr. Oberholzer. “Making decisions in a team and finding the way myself is also fun!” Says Ms. Müller. “Only in the next puzzle we do not take the first ideas as an answer!” Mrs. Fünfgeld adds “The ideas were funny. And the geocaching teambuilding ideas are great as well! Navigate freely and self-determined through the beautiful nature. And with a slightly sporty touch. “The group has only known each other for an hour, the communication is running, the participants of the team event get to know each other better, which is shown by better results at the teambuilding stations. Adventure Geocaching is one of the Teambuilding Events ideas. In this geocaching team event story, archery and fire are among the teambuilding ideas. AREffekt has numerous games and tasks that are suitable for an adventure geocaching, and as teambuilding events ideas for election. Riddles with an adventure atmosphere and creative ideas as a solution were already on the agenda for Team Rot with Ms Müller….