The Christmas party “CleverCachen” combines outdoor activities ideas fun and cohesion

CleverCachen, a smartphone scavenger hunt can be played almost anywhere. It is best to play in a group divided into teams and in one city. Today it’s Düsseldorf, and the reason is the annual Christmas party of a company. The clues in the scavenger hunt are in the form of virtual markers. Which can be collected with the smartphone. CleverCachen combines technology, fun and can enormously strengthen the cohesion in a group.

Preparations for the Christmas party City Rallye – Clevercachen

20.12.2017 a company opens the Christmas party – celebrations with the Christmas party city rally (CleverCachen). This time it is a small group, an elite of 15 people. The 15 people are colleagues and start the Outdoor Activities Ideas – CleverCachen at the Sternchenmarkt in Dusseldorf. The technical details of the game were already discussed a day ago, duration for the briefing about 10 minutes. Now each team pulls out a mobile phone, launches the software, devises a team name, and a few minutes later, the three teams are on foot searching for the virtual clues.

Outdoor activities Ideas and teambuilding united in CleverCachen – the game is on

Group Red has never worked or otherwise experienced anything in this composition. Such a condition can cause stress. So this is a group that has been thrown together by lot, and has to find each other first. On foot it goes from note to note, running helps tremendously reduce stress. The questions are not easy. Markus, a senior consultant, holds the mobile phone in his hand. “Aha, the avatar has collected the clue,” says Markus. The avatar is the small dot on the phone display. “Moment I read ahead” added Markus. There flashes a time display and a moment later there are three minus points. “Huj, what was that?” asks Heike. “Hm, there was probably a time limit.” Marion recognizes the hurdle. “Oh, that was the thing about the virtual pins” Markus remembers as the group goes to the next clue. Every minute that the group spends approaching the participants and slowly forming a team. Challenges, whether successful or not, help shape the team. After the 3 wrong questions in a row, the team works much better. In a joint round, the questions now solve themselves by themselves. With a good mood, cheerful and a decent score, the group moves on and on towards the finish.

The Christmas Party City Rally: A communal experience is coming to an end

After about 2 hours, many funny riddles, a lot of great experiences forming the group into a team, roasted almonds and mulled wine, the group approaches the target. A nice restaurant with delicious Christmas dinner. The time runs down, end, the scoring can be read and a winning team is determined. Who needs a winning team with so much good humor in the company and the delicious Christmas dinner in mind.